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Houston, Texas 7/25/2007 3:27 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

ChristiaNet.com (http://www.christianet.com), the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, has just launched a new directory on travel packages including information on Hawaii vacation packages. "ChristiaNet is dedicated to helping readers find information on purchasing competitive vacation packages," says, President Bill Cooper. Doing a search online could result in a virtual tour, taking advantage of advertised specials, and the capability of making online reservations. Another way of finding a specific travel package is by using a travel agency. (http://www.christianet.com/travelpackages/)

Packages often include discounted hotel rates, discounted airline tickets, and coupons that offer a savings to local tourist attractions and restaurants. Oftentimes a vacation package will include tours surrounding a tourist attraction. Most advertised tours are for a certain number of people and include transportation and meals. Cooper says, "Purchasing a vacation package through a travel agency can offer some perks that will help when vacationing. Travel agencies often take care of little details for their clients, such as car rentals, transportation from the airport to the hotel, and bookings for tours, etc."

Airlines offer promotions that include cheap airline flights to specific destinations and sometimes are combined with other offers. For instance, some Hawaii vacation packages include discounted flights, along with a discounted hotel package for so many nights. A travel package might include a cruise, or a special honeymoon vacation. Sometimes discounts are associated with specific times of the year. Promotions are usually heavy around down times to try to generate business. Some Hawaii vacation packages include promotions that include a spa package with a massage. Little perks can generate business but promotions by airlines are often a result of the competition between airlines.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Air Travel Consumer Report states, "U.S. Airlines experienced a lower rate of on-time flights and more reports of mishandled baggage last year than in 2005, but passengers filed fewer complaints with the government about airline service than they did the previous year." Are there fewer complaints because there are fewer flyers with U.S. Airlines? Cheap airline flights promote competition between airlines that help to promote travel by consumers. Since consumer complaints are down in 2006 compared to 2005, maybe this is a good time to travel by air. For more information, visit: http://www.christianet.com/articles/

Finding The Best Travel Deals

When it comes to travel deals, most shoppers turn to the internet for the best prices on their hotel and transportation. The reason is because online discount travel shoppers are often tempted with special internet-only rates, discounts for early reservation and the ability to receive and print and instant confirmation.

There are no huge secrets to finding travel deals, but rather some facts that will help you to find the best deal possible. One such recommendation is that, if feasible, you should plan to travel on a weekday. In general, rates for both transportation and hotels are more expensive on the weekend simply because that is when most people travel. If arrangements are made on a weekday, the costs can be significantly less. The same is true of holidays, which is when a large number of people travel in order to spend time with their family. The costs during this time can add up quickly, so traveling a little earlier or later than everyone else could save you a bundle on discount travel.

Consumers should always make their hotel and transportation reservations as early as possible. This includes airfare, train tickets or even car rentals. The earlier the reservation is made, the better selection the consumer will have. The same is true of hotels and accommodations, which often book up early if they feature additional amenities, including a kitchenette, view, suite, etc.

Travelers who opt for making their travel deals online are in for a treat. Finding themselves with an array of choices, photos and detailed information are just a few of the benefits linked to snagging online travel deals. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to discount travel is that special rates are often non-refundable. For this reason, it’s recommended that travelers review the company’s cancellation policy and understand how any special pricing may relate to that policy.
The cheap travelling blog

My personal cheap travelling

I am one of those strange people who like to travel alone - without escorts and travel group. The way I traveled many European countries, and I have accumulated quite a strong economical travel. They, and I wish to share with those who are hunting to relocate, but has no extra money savings.


I am not permanently deferred aircraft and have financial difficulties, so I prefer ground transportation air. I think the issues to do with the saved hundred dollars, did not arise.

A of the cheapest mode of travel, there are many companies that specialize in bus transport tourists. For example, the Moscow company Inter-R, which organizes tours for student fares. Another way is the railroad, my most popular mode of transport. During the journey, I barely read all downloaded from the Internet information about the country of food, and draw up an action plan. Tickets for the train usually buy at Belorusskaya station, the main railway ticket offices : there with a passport you sell tickets in any direction. Council details, travelling alone, as I do : buy a ticket in the reserved seat! Believe it or not, go to coupe with three men in the full bloom of "dubious pleasure. Much cheaper than sit on the direct train Moskva-Budapesht for example, a change in Moscow-Chop. Bought a ticket to Budapest in Chop, you save another $ 50 (by the way, it is 5 days of life in the hostel). You remember these "details" when in the last days of their stay in your purse will only currency coins of different countries visited you!


You can get all the same magnificent office Inter-R, paying about $ 9. This card gives a rather substantial discounts in Europe (but not in America). The "aysikovskie" discounts can be expected in almost all the tourist places (museums, shops, clubs, restaurants, hostels, etc.), but remember : "aysik" is a student card, you can get it only if you learn at any branch of any university. Above all, do not be afraid to ask about discounts on "aysiku" in places you visit. For example, I found that could save 10 Dutch guilders (about 200 rubles), after visiting a museum in the Netherlands, and could, among other things, the money to buy a souvenir two friends had learned in advance! Discounts are up to 50% - as lucky.

The movement on the ground and hitch-hiking.

Europe, transport is very expensive-for example, the half-hour trip from one German city to another can cost about 30 euros (although there are lots of different discounts, it all must learn on the spot, the Bureau of Information). That is why I traveled to Germany by hitch-hiking machine ... The distinctive, it must be said, the experience. Almost all of my trips were successful, usually all that is required of you as a companion, is the first to feel the mood of the driver's view, and, accordingly, telling him stories, which are likely to be interested in it (a win-win situation, "Life in Russia").

One, it is true, I villages in the car and began to tell him how I admire the beauty of Hamburg, with a number of interesting people I met there, and so forth. My minute speech was interrupted by itself, when I felt the side of a closer look at the driver. Then followed by the words : "Sprichst du Deutsch? Ich verstehe kein Englisch. Nach mein Haus (German talk? I do not understand English. Go to my house), and I broken German replied : "Danke schoen .... .... Meine Freunde warten mich ... (Thank you ... my friends ... wait for me)." - OK .- Well, that all ended well.

But in Italy, for example, it was just as fun! Last year, ICQ, I met with a lot of Italians. And in the summer of 2001 went to Italy! Of course, I immediately reported this to all my friends on the ICQ. " Oh! They were all calling me to their guests! Immediately! Never forget, as I met at the airport by car, my friend from ICQ (until then we come just two weeks on the Internet), then it povez me breakfasts in the restaurant, followed by trips to Rome, gave the keys to his apartment, where I lived for three days, until it went to Venice, where I waited for the next internet-drug ... I was always driven, fed and given shelter. - The country Italians wonderful people!

I urge everyone to do the same as I, (such as my mother did not know until reading this article!) , but if you "feel" of people and able to act decisively, the So. Features!

How to find information and housing?

Where do you come from, any railway station must have tourist information offices, where you will be happy to explain everything, you can get on the map, give lots of different brochures and booklets. But the best way is try to use the hotel booking service. In the search window type something like "Hostels in Prague, if you need cheap housing in Prague, or" Hostels in Russia", or" ISIC discounts, if you want discounts, which gives "aysik", and so on. There is a huge number of sites that provide interesting details about how cheap and safe to travel to Europe, one of them is http://cheaptravelling.blogspot.com .

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