Cheap Travel To Russia And Some Important Things You Should Know

Cheap travel to Russia

Visiting Russia can be very expensive
considering the distance of country. But with several online travel
companies, the price tag is significantly lower that it was before.

get affordable and cheap travel to Russia, all you have to do is to
check the websites specializing on cheap tours. There are available
travel tours and packages for group and family who decide to make a
stop to Russia.

About Russia

While Moscow and St. Petersburg
are the primary cities of the country, Russia has several side
countries to discover. Be careful though when traveling. Make sure you
know very well the places you are planning to visit.

You might
have a little trouble communicating with locals especially if you are
away on these two cities. But if you can understand the Russian
language, you wont be having any problem.

Russia is a big
country. In fact, it is the largest country in the world with a size
twice as much as the United States. It spans from Europe to Asia and is
divided into 11 time zones.

Climate has been the major issue of
those who plan to travel Russia- that is if you will go to the Siberian
region. Most people visit Russia when winter ends. It is usually for
May- September. Unlike the usual impression, summer is perfect during
these times.

Safety tips

When you decide to travel to Russia,
learn as many things as possible. Know the language, the people, the
culture, how to get around, and especially- know where the U.S. Embassy
is located.

When you pack, pack light. Avoid carrying too much
cash and expensive jewelry. Never show your wallets in public. Use
money belt that can be worn around your neck. It is safer than wallet.
Be vigilant when in crowded places like public markets, public
transport, and tourist sites among others. Be aware of pickpockets at
all times.

If you are going from point to point, do not hail on
unmarked taxis and cars. Likewise, never share taxi to other people you
do not know. If you are planning to travel by bus or train, take extra

If you are planning to drink on public places, make
sure you have someone who remains sober. Any sign of intoxication might
attract professional robbers and thieves.

Make sure other people
back at home know your itineraries and contact numbers and numbers of
your travel document such as your passport before leaving. If something
wrong happens, they would know where to find you. Make enough
photocopies of your plane tickets, passport, visa, and all your travel
documents. Leave a copy at your home or to someone you know.

for travel warning and avoid the regions of Ingushetia, North Caucasus
of Chechnya, eastern and southern parts of Stavropol Krii, and
Dagestan. These places could be dangerous for tourist.

drinking tap water. Instead drink bottled water. If there is no
available bottled water, boil the water first before drinking.

All these could help you make it through your Russian trip safely.

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