How Do You Find The Cheapest Ticket To Europe?

Everybody would love to go to Europe at some point, during a holiday of course. Another obvious part of this plan is that everyone would love to save as much money as possible on a trip like this. The question is, how do you find the cheapest ticket to Europe?

Many travel agencies setup a complete package that includes much more than just the airfare. You should look at strictly the airline tickets first. These will usually be cheaper than the prices posted on an airline's website. After the travel agencies that offer special transatlantic deals, just go the same route you would looking for any cheap airfare. Find the airline that gives the lowest price. Be sure to check out Travelocity and other similar websites to compare all the rates on one page.

Some travel sites have a specialized search that allow you to chart the cheapest fares. Use these to find the best deal. After you've searched all the online websites and used all their tools, write down the cheapest prices that you have found and contact agencies that do not have an online presence. See if they can beat any of the prices you tell them.

For travelers to Europe that can not plan in advance there is the good proven stand by system to make for the cheapest airfares. In the happening of a cancellations the airline is eager to fill that empty. In this event, there will be a very good chance that you may get the seat at a very reduced rate. This is because to the fact that the airlines need to make sure that they have as many passengers on each flight as possible to make sure that there is profit to mandate the flight. Of course there is a possibility that you can not be able to manage the flight if there are no cancellations. Also the reality is that you need to be in the terminal ready and waiting for the cancellations. This can mean very long waiting actually.

There is one final place to check. is a website where you can put a price that you decide to see if they accept it. Put a price that is at least 15 percent under the best price that you have discovered so far. If you get this to work you will most likely have found the best price to fly to Europe, hands down.

If you do not have much luck, try it out with foreign airlines that go over most of Europe to reach their final destination. These will often have many seats available and will be sold at a lower price than usual as they skip through the America.

By: George Wood

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