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, the capital city of England, is energetic, cosmopolitan, hectic,
diverse and thrilling. It is the largest city in Europe, and is a
mixture of wealth and poverty, of glitz and grime, of imposing
buildings and elegant shops, of world-class theatre and incredible
nightclubs. Sights not to be missed include the National Gallery, the
Tate Gallery, the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey,
the Tower of London, and Covent Garden.


is the economic, artistic, historic, and cultural capital of France. It
is also deeply traditional, almost village-like and in parts, a
dilapidated metropolis, which houses around 2 million people. The river
Seine bisects the city, the Right Bank is home to the grand boulevards
and most monumental buildings, many dating from Haussmann's
nineteenth-century redevelopment. The Left Bank has a noticeably
different feel, it has an atmosphere of Bohemian, dissident,
intellectual connotations, and it shows in Paris' best range of bars
and restaurants. The Eiffel Tower is Paris' most famous and instantly
recognizable landmark. The Champs-Elysees is the city's most well-known
boulevard. Elegant and broad, it links Place de la Concorde with the
Arc de Triomphe.


capital Prague, largest city of the Czech Republic, and former capital
of Czechoslovakia, is located on both banks of the Vltava River.
Visitors are drawn to the 'fairy tale' characteristics of Prague, but
this is only part of its lively blend of styles. Prague is
unquestionably a city best explored on foot, the entire central area
has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city centre is
like an enormous open-air museum with an interesting mix of
architectural innovation including Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic,
Romanesque, Cubist and Art Nouveau styles.


combines a sense of living history with a bustling, lively capital
city. It is endlessly fascinating, utterly compelling and a feast for
the eye with fountains, churches, palaces and ancient monuments at
every turn. From the awesome splendour of the Colosseum, the Sistine
Chapel, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, the
Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica oozes romance and excitement.


is the Mediterranean metropolis of excellence and yet at the same time
open to all cultural influences flowing in from beyond the Pyrenees.
Its well-ordered and proportioned town grid has given it quarters of
unrivalled beauty, such as the Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas and the
modernist Paseo de Gracia.


capital of Belgium, Brussels, is a cosmopolitan city, with liveliness
and an appeal that are intimately related to its role as a crossroads
for all of Europe. The many aspects of Brussels are expressed in the
four quarters of the city. The Lower Town, which extends from Manneken
Pis via the Grand Place to the Botanique. The Royal District in the
Upper Town occupies the area between the Warande and the Palace of
Justice. In the North of the city lies the Heizel with the Atomium and
Bruparck. Just outside the city centre visitors will find the
Cinquantenaire park and the European District facet.


A confident mix of old and new, Amsterdam, capital city of The
Netherlands, features beautiful 17th- and 18th-century buildings and
boasts some world-class museums, most notably the Van Gogh Museum, and
the Rijksmuseum, home to some of the world's finest artworks, including
those by famous Dutch artist Rembrandt. Nightlife in Amsterdam is as
mixed as the city itself, with something for everyone's tastes
available. A trip to Amsterdam would not be complete without renting a
bicycle ( Holland has more bicycles than residents), or cruising down
the canals by boat.


capital Edinburgh, is perhaps the country's most alluring city, it is a
fascinating place with many historical and artistic treasures, a
fantastic pub scene and scenery as beautiful as the Scottish highlands.
Edinburgh Castle is a good place to start your exploration of the
Scottish capital. The castle is beautiful, mysterious, romantic and a
reminder of the city's bloody past. Edinburgh's Royal Mile is one of
the world's most captivating streets.


Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia behind Sydney.
Located on the Yarra River at the mouth of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne
is a city of style, of Victorian architecture, of trams, of fashion,
food, theatres, art galleries, and leafy gardens. It is a sport-mad
city, which hosts events such as the Australian Tennis Open, the
Australian Formula One Grand Prix, and the premier horse race, the race
that 'stops a nation,' the Melbourne Cup. The " Great Ocean Road" is a
popular drive for tourists and locals alike, acknowledged as one of the
world's most spectacular coastal drives, visitors can view the
spectacular site of the Twelve Apostles.


can experience the magic of age-old traditions, historical sites and
breathtaking settings in practically every part of this unique country.
The most popular tourist destination is the Swedish capital, Stockholm.
The grand old city by the water is known for its unique wonders such as
the Vasa Ship; its elegance and grandeur, typified by the Royal Palace
and surrounds, and its wonderfully preserved Old Town, "Gamla Stan",
with 13th-century roots, subterranean vaults, church spires and narrow,
cobbled laneways.


visitors would be surprised to find that Sydney, it's largest city, is
not the capital of Australia. Built on the shores of the stunning Port
Jackson, Sydney is one of the world's landmark cities, and is also
Australia's oldest city. Sydney, the nation's premier metropolis, mixes
a flare for groundbreaking architecture, a love of the arts and
high-powered commerce. The must-do's on every visitors list include the
Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Centrepoint Tower, The Rocks, Bondi Beach,
Olympic Park Homebush better known as the site of the 2000 Olympic
Games, and Darling Harbour.


on a plain bordered by the Wienerwald and the Carpathian foothills, the
Austrian capital, Vienna, is a cultural, industrial, commercial, and
transportation centre. Vienna owes its spectacular architectural
heritage to the Habsburg dynasty that controlled much of Europe for 600
years. Of special interest are the Hofburg, or Imperial Palace, with
it's 14th century Augustinian church, Imperial Apartments and Royal
Chapel where the Vienna Boy's Choir sing. Many of the world's most
important composers including Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss and
Mahler have lived and performed behind Vienna's Baroque facades.

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