Round the globe budget tickets

Is it possible to circle the globe using nothing but budget airlines? If you route it right, yes.

I’ve been saying for years that it doesn’t make more sense anymore to purchase an entire round-the-world airline ticket forward of moment unless you are just getting a bare-bones one that you will occupy in with shorter hops and unconventional transport. What I bought for my best RTW journey in the mid-90s seems strange now: a pile of newspaper tickets in rise that went New York- L. A. - Bangkok- Kathmandu- Delhi- Athens- London- New York. (Even so we bought local jaunts from Singapore to Jakarta and Istanbul to Amsterdam though. ) It particularly doesn’t make sense on one of the legacy airline alliances unless you’re using mileage or are just enjoy being on grip with call centre employees.

Gadling found a great article from the Telegraph where a writer bought tickets at the last minute to go around the world from London. He spent 900 pounds ($1,800 these days) and touched down in 8 different places before returning home. The short hops were easy, but he had to work a bit to find ones across the oceans it looks like. One leg was on Zoom to Bermuda and another was on Oasis from Hong Kong to London ($230!). Here’s the story on Gadling and the original from the Telegraph.

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